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October 20, 2022

On Thursday, October 20th, 2022, Resolution Project hosted its 8th Annual Geraldine Acuña-Sunshine Young Leaders Now Award Dinner at the Prince George Ballroom in New York City, recognizing inspiring young leaders who began successfully changing the world while still in school.

This year, Resolution honored Manu and Rika Shah, co-founders of MS International (MSI), with the Champions Circle Award for Supporting Young Leaders. This award is presented to top leaders who, throughout their careers, have distinguished themselves as champions for social change and advocates for entrepreneurship. In addition to creating hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide through MSI, Mr and Mrs Shah’s MSI Charitable Trust supports philanthropic endeavors like Resolution, which has allowed it to identify and propel dozens of young social entrepreneurs working on impactful social ventures across Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Manu and Rika Shah for their contributions to their communities, to the impact sector, to Resolution, and to the world,” said George Tsiatis, CEO & co-founder of Resolution Project. “Mr & Mrs Shah’s global philanthropy is an incredible feat of service and leadership. They are examples for our Fellows and our community, and it is a privilege to recognize their careers and their characters.”

“It gives me and Rika immense pleasure to join Resolution Project for the 8th Annual Young Leaders Award Dinner,” said Manu Shah, CEO & co-founder of MS International. “Supporting the young leaders of today is the right intention for MSI Charitable Foundation and the right action for Resolution Project. I would like to thank Resolution for giving us this honor and for motivating us to do more.”

Resolution Project works with young people to build a lifetime of impact, starting today. At the core of its work is the Resolution Fellowship, which provides seed funding and lifelong support to promising young leaders on the path of social entrepreneurship. Resolution identifies these leaders early on, helps them launch their first social impact ventures, and sticks with them as they grow. This proven model has supported the growth of over 580 Fellows across six continents and over 80 countries. Through Resolution, social entrepreneurs who are just starting out receive unmatched guidance and wisdom from a team of partners, volunteers, and innovative peers around the globe.

The Young Leaders Now Award Dinner was sponsored by Brookfield, Andras Forgacs, Group Black, H/L Ventures, Insperity, Oliver & Sabrina Libby, Peter Libby, Macquarie, MSI Charitable Trust, Second Horizon Capital, The Sporkin Family Charitable Foundation, and White & Case. Previous Champions Circle Awardees include Ronan Dunne, President of Verizon Consumer Group, Reeta Roy, President and CEO of the Mastercard Foundation, Nicholas Logothetis, Co-Founder & Chairman of Concordia, Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder & CEO of Acumen, and James S. Turley, Former Chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young.

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